Centre for the Study of Surrealism and its Legacies


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In 1964, the surrealist art collector Edward James conveyed his family mansion, art collection and Estate to The Edward James Foundation, a charitable educational trust. The creation of such a trust averted the fragmentation that death duties would have dictated and allowed the materialisation of Edward's vision: creating a community where the Estate supports a college dedicated to the arts and crafts. In 1971, Edward James's vision became a reality when the gates of his family Estate were opened under the auspices of West Dean College.


Dada/Surrealism is an interdisciplinary journal publishing critical essays, bibliographies, book reviews, and primary documents on the Dada and Surrealist movements. Submissions are encouraged from scholars in Art History, Literature, Film Studies, Theater Arts, and a variety of other disciplines. We are especially receptive to contributions that use interdisciplinary techniques, reexamine basic concepts, or raise theoretical issues of contemporary interest.

Dada/Surrealism is lunching two new issues in 2011/2012: Dada, Surrealism, and Romania (2012), and
'Wonderful Things': Surrealism and Egypt (2011), Guest editors: Patricia Allmer and Donna Roberts.


The Journal of Surrealism and the Americas focuses on the subject of modern European and American intellectuals’ obsession with the “New World.” This obsession—the very heart of Surrealism—extended not only to North American sites, but also to Latin America, the Caribbean, and to the numerous indigenous cultures located there. The journal invites essays that examine aspects of the actual and fantasized travel of these European and American intellectuals throughout the Americas, and their creative response to indigenous art and culture, including their anthropological and collecting activities, and their interpretations of the various geographic, political, and cultural landscapes of the Americas. We furthermore intend to investigate the interventions / negotiations / repudiations of European/American or other Surrealisms, by indigenous as well as other artists, writers and filmmakers.


The largest francophone website for the study of surrealism includes an electronic library of surrealist and dadaist journals, the centre's own journal, Mélusine, edited since 1980, and a discussion forum. The centre is directed by Henri Béhar.


This research group, initiated by François Robichon and Céline De Potter of the Université Charles de Gaulle (Lille 3) in May 2009, has as its objective to generate and bring attention to scholarly activity covering the artistic production of the period 1919-1939.

For more information about the group's conferences, seminars and publications, contact de-potter.celine@orange.fr