Centre for the Study of Surrealism and its Legacies


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Surrealism occupies a unique position in the intellectual and cultural history of the twentieth century. Marking the crisis in post-Enlightenment thought and active in every sphere of creative life, it has been at the heart of debates about modernism and postmodernism. The Centre provides a valuable focus for the many individual researchers in other universities and for museums with interests in surrealism, consolidating existing scholarship on surrealism and identifying vital new areas of research such as the relationship with science. Drawing together a broad range of disciplinary perspectives and allowing for productive interplay between historical analysis and contemporary artistic and theoretical reflection, the Centre is concerned to redefine understanding of a movement that is critical to debates about the avant-garde. It seeks to highlight surrealism's many legacies in recent art and cultural theory. In collaboration with Tate, it generates outputs of value to scholars, students, artists and the museum-going public.